The current FBO Executive is listed below. From time to time positions become open, which are noted in the Newsletter or announced at the AGM. Although we don't have any openings at the present time, if you are interested in joining the board (or assisting FBO in any other way) we would love to hear from you.

Please visit our Membership page to learn how to become a member. General inquiries about the website or other matters related to our organization can be directed to our Webmaster.

President: Troy McMullin ( Past President: Dan Westerhof (
Vice President and Webmaster: Tristan Knight (
Treasurer: Larry Lebert (
Secretary: Jennifer Doubt (
Field Trips: Sarah Mainguy, Jessica Consiglio, Gwyneth Govers (
Membership: Mary Anne Young (
Newsletter: Chris Zoladeski (
Directors: Bill McIlveen (, Will Van Hemessen (, Leanne Wallis